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I grew up in the Zoo. Ever since I was a little cub, I knew I was different from the others. While my brothers and sisters were wrestling and sleeping all the time, I was catching flies. 

Mostly during puberty; I noticed that I was different: instead of playing in the mud, I was crafting nets from sticks and grass. While I was crafting nets, I would listen to conversations of people walking by my cage. Most of the stories I heard were happy and careless. Some of them were about a thing called Netflix and others about a fun dream they had that night. However, more often than not; there were frustrating stories about finding a house, some guy named Waldo and things called domain names. People simply couldn't figure out how to find a good domain name. Now I am a real problem solver; soI wanted to help these people out. The only problem was, I had no idea how! I was stuck in my cage with my family so I couldn't concentrate on helping these people. I needed space! So, that's why I ran away one night.    


Two years ago, Tiger escaped from the Zoo. Unfortunately, Tiger is still missing. His family is very worried and wants for him to come home right away. Despite all the Amber Alerts that were issued, no useful tips were received. There are a lot of rumours regarding the occupation of Tiger: these vary from digging a tunnel to China, to coding the new Internet. However, these rumours aren't even close to the truth. Should you have tips concerning the whereabouts of Tiger, please get in contact as soon as possible. 

Don’t worry I’m right here! I went into hiding for two years to perform research on domain names. I haven't come out of hiding earlier because I wanted to be sure that I could help everyone to find a good domain name.    

In the meantime I have become the fast and technical: CatchTiger. I catch domain names for everyone: from private individuals to huge corporations, from goats and sheep to weasels and giraffes! In other words: everyone has an equal chance to catch a domain name on my website. 

I wanted to help everyone around the globe. However, not everyone could pronounce my name (I used to call myself Domeintijger), so I changed it to CatchTiger. Now everyone knows my name! Furthermore, I offer multiple domain extensions and I am just getting started! Tigers from all around the world come to help me catch domain names.

Now that you know my life's story; I can't imagine that you have any doubts regarding my capabilities to help you. Because I most definitely can! Go to the auction overview, and we will search for a good domain name together!


CatchTiger Familiefoto


Family picture 2016