In addition to the auctioning of domain names, we can do more for you. If your domain name is not available in our auction overview, you do not lose hope yet to give up. Even then there are ways we can help you find your favorite domain name!

  • Quarantine Auctions

    Catch Tiger is known for its open and transparent domeinnaamvelingen. So you can easily sell your domain names, but you can also buy your favorite domain name. You are the highest bidder at an auction? We will do our best to register this domain name for you. We can not guarantee 100% that we can register the domain name for you, with popular domain names, there are more interested parties. If we can not catch the domain name, you pay nothing: No Cure, No Pay.

    Quarantine Auctions

  • Marketplace

    Through the marketplace in your personal account, you can offer or search for domain names Catch Tiger. All you have to do is enter your domain name in the appropriate field and click on the 'Send' button! Easy as can be. Selling your domain name, we do entirely via the No Cure, No Pay principle: you only pay if we actually sell your domain name.  

    To the Market Place

  • Backorder (Alerts)

    If you already have an idea for a domain name, you can set an alert in your personal account. You enter a keyword or domain name of your choice and your domain as soon as is free, we'll notify you immediately. So you first launch a bid on your favorite domain name. You can set up as many alerts as you want. At the alerts we bring no additional cost. Is your favorite domain name (yet) in the auction, set an alert and we'll let you know first if your domain name is released!


  • Escrow

    The sale of a domain name can cause annoyance because who should first cross the bridge? The one with the money or the one with the removal code? Catch Tiger provides assistance in the transfer process of domain names. That is, we are the third party in this situation that ensures that everything is fairly regulated. Only when we have received all the moving both code and the money, we will forward it to the relevant parties. So you are always guaranteed a secure domain name sales.

  • Mediation

    It could be that the domain name that you'd like to have been in possession of someone else. If this is the case, you can also enable us to intercede for you. Do let us know what ivn domain name you are interested and we will contact the owner of the domain name. We will in the name of providing you with all the necessary negotiations. It is of course also possible to remain anonymous.

  • Valuation

    If you have doubts about the value of your domain name it is difficult to estimate what amount you can start asking for your domain name. Our domain experts have years of experience in the analysis of domain names. They determine the market value of a domain name based on a number of factors. You can let them analyze a domain individually, but you can also choose have your entire portfolio analyzed (more than 50 domain names).