In addition to auctioning domain names, we have a lot more to offer. If your domain name is not available in our auction overview, there is no reason to give up. Even in such dire situations there are ways we can help you find your favorite domain name!

  • Quarantine Auctions

    CatchTiger is known for its open and transparent domain name auctions. So you can easily sell your own domain names, but you can also buy your favorite domain names. Are you the highest bidder at an auction? We will do our best to register this domain name for you. We cannot guarantee 100% that we will be able to register the domain name for you, with popular domain names, come more interested parties. If we cannot catch the domain name, you don't have to pay anything: No Cure, No Pay.

    Quarantine Auctions

  • Marketplace

    Through the marketplace in your personal account, you can offer or search for domain names. All you have to do is enter your domain name in the appropriate field and click on the 'Send' button! Easy as can be. While selling or catching domain names we always enforce the No Cure No Pay principle: you only pay if we actually sell your domain name.  

    To the Market Place

  • Backorder (Alerts)

    If you already have an idea for a domain name, you have the ability to set an alert in your personal account. Enter a keyword or domain name of your choice and and we will notify you as soon as they will be available. You can set up as many alerts as you want, completely free of charge. 


  • Escrow

    The sale of a domain name can cause frustration for both parties involved. This is due to the old dilemma, who should be the first to cross the bridge: the one with the money or the one with the authorization code? CatchTiger does more than provide a platform to sell your domain names. We also provide assistance during the transfer process of domain names. In the world of domain name auctions this is called an ‘escrow service’.

    As an escrow service provider, we are the third party during the transaction between the buyer and seller that ensures that everything is executed successfully. Only when we have received both the authorization code and the payment, we will transfer it to the relevant parties. While the transaction is ‘in escrow’, the transfer can be safely carried out without bearing the risk of losing your money or domain name. This way neither parties have to worry about taking the first step. 

    How does the escrow service of CatchTiger work?

    At CatchTiger, we have ensured that selling and buying domain names is a very easy process. On our platform, the party interested in a certain domain name is the one to initiate the transaction. After the buyer has shown his/her interest, the seller will be notified. Now both parties are involved in the trade and require a trustworthy relationship as they are dependent on each other. After they’ve agreed to the terms, the buyer will pay CatchTiger: the escrow service provider. From this point on, the steps are as followed:

    1. The seller hands over the authorization code to CatchTiger, who will then make sure it works as intended.

    2. Once we have received both the payment and the authorization code and processed them, we will forward them to the appropriate parties.

    By providing this escrow service, CatchTiger can always guarantee a secure domain sale without any frustration whatsoever.

  • Mediation

    There is always a possibility that the domain you are looking for is already owned by another individual. If this situation occurs; we are available to represent you in a mediation process. Simply notify us about which owned domain you would like to buy and we will contact the current owner for you. We will then negotiate terms with the owner of the domain name to ensure you will get the best possible deal. This of course, can all be done anonymously.