Looking back at 1 year .uk drop catching

Looking back at 1 year .uk drop catching

CatchTiger UK dropcatching

One year ago we expanded our CatchTiger drop catching services to the .uk zone and we would like to use this opportunity to share some thoughts and stats with you!

Before we started preparing our .uk drop catching ventures, we were warned by many domainers and other stakeholders to the .uk (after)market for fierce competition. In the past year we experienced that nothing had been exaggerated about those warnings about the .uk drop catching market supposed to be (over)crowded. When we look at the .uk drop catching market now, there are far more active drop catchers in the .uk than in any other ccTLD we have seen so far. Reason for this might be that there are turnkey drop catching systems available for sale or hire that one can use with an own Nominet Tag.

Most of the .uk drop catchers seem use this hired / licensed software, which is likely to limit their distinctive character towards our fully in-house developed CatchTiger drop catching systems. So how does this affect the results? Who is doing well in .uk catching? We’ll gladly unveil some performance statistics from our 1st year .uk drop catching, from our perspective. Please keep in mind that this is based on what everybody had bid on CatchTiger, which will only partly overlap with what other .uk drop catchers wanted to catch, which will distort the picture somewhat in our advantage. Are you interested in more details about the different tags that are catching in the UK, please contact us.

Nominet tag

Catch Percentage








Top 10 catches last year based on the highest bid with CatchTiger:

  1. cafe.co.uk
  2. eeg.co.uk
  3. its.uk
  4. idn.co.uk
  5. mhe.co.uk
  6. tai-chi.co.uk
  7. jmc.uk
  8. gridironuk.co.uk
  9. gop.uk
  10. paddynash.co.uk

Curious? Sceptical? Enthusiastic? Place your bids on dropping .uk domains or any other of the available ccTLD on CatchTiger today and find out.