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A domain name says a lot about your company. It's the first thing people see when searching for your website. CatchTiger offers domain names which are about to be released through an open auction. Bidding is already possible from € 25, based on no cure, no pay.

    Search for the domain name you would like to own

    We update our list of domain names every day. This means that new and interesting domain names may be up for grabs for you every day. We have collected extra details from these domain names to make things easier for you. All these details have been summarized in a ‘Tiger score’: domain names with a higher Tiger score are often most popular in the market. But don’t be deceived! Even domain names with a lower Tiger score can be of interest to your business.

    In the next video we will explain how the domain name auction overview works, explain the difference between the basic and expert mode, how to filter and sort domain names, and the difference between a static bid and an autobid. 


    Create an account & place a bid

    In order to place a bid on a domain name, you need a CatchTiger account. You can easily create a free account here. As soon as you have activated your account, you can place bids on domain names. When you are the highest bidder of a domain name after the auction finishes, then we will do everything in our power to register that domain name for you. Note, every bid you place is binding! It is not possible to lower or cancel your bid. 


    Personal account

    As soon as you place your bid, it can be found in your personal account. Not only the open bids, but also an overview of all the won and lost bids with their current status can be seen here. It is also possible to adjust bids and change your personal details from your personal overview. We will explain how all of this works in de next video. 

    Open auction & No cure, no pay

    CatchTiger makes it possible to buy and sell domain names by means of open and transparent domain name auctions. This gives everyone a fair chance to get a good domain name. When you are the highest bidder for a domain name, we will do everything in our power to register that domain name. The odds we will register the domain name first when it's released, are very good. However, we cannot guarantee it. Should we fail to register your domain name, we won’t charge you: No Cure, No Pay. 


    It is also possible to sell your domain names through CatchTiger. You can put your domain name up for sale through the Marketplace in your personal account. CatchTiger will take care of the entire sale process, so that the process will proceed safely. Selling your domain name through CatchTiger also goes with the ‘No Cure, No Pay’ principle: you only pay when we sell your domain name. 

    Marketplace & redemption period domain names

    In the auction overview it is possible to filter domain names on marketplace and redemption period. The difference between both is as follows: marketplace domain names are domain names that are put up for sale by their original owners. When a domain name is in redemption period, this means that the domain name is either canceled or the owner has not paid its fees. The redemption period of 40 days gives the original owner to recover the domain name. After this redemption period we try to catch the domain name when it has received a bid.

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